Bentwood Ice Cream Chairs

The use of bentwood ice cream chairs or wooden ice cream chairs started from the end of Victorian era. From that time till now this chair is very popular among users. Bentwood is a term that refers to a process of making furniture which was developed by a German named Michael Thonet. In this process the wood was steamed. This steaming process made the wood supple so that it did not break easily. After this, the supple wood was bent to make the desired shape or pattern. The wood was then hardened so that it retained that shape in which it was bent. This process is now used to make all types of light furniture.
These chairs are popular for more than 100 years as they are lightweight, ordinarily weighing between 7lbs to 13lbs. Though lightweight, the chairs are durable, sturdy, simple yet elegant, comfortable and take very little space. They fit beautifully under a table and as they generally have floor glides, these ice cream chairs can be moved easily without making any damage to your floor. They can be cleaned very easily just by dusting or washing by soap and water. And the main reason for its popularity is the price which is quite affordable.

The chairs are available in various designs. The chair backs also have different patterns, such as the most used heart shape, as well as open heart shape, v shape, inverted v shape, scroll accents, curved spoon back and others.

A major portion of these chairs that can be purchased are old that is antique ice cream chairs.

Of all types of woods used to make this chair, oak wood is the most popular and used in majority of the chairs. Oak ice cream chairs are so popular because with proper finishing and preservation, the old chairs look very aristocratic and gathers a majestic shine.

If you are looking for good costly wood, then wooden ice cream chair made of mahogany and walnut would be your best choice. You can also get ice cream chairs and tables made of beech, ash, pine, birch, cane, rattan and others. Rattan chairs are very comfortable and can be used in all types of climates. It does not get damaged either in the sun or in rain, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors. And the greatest advantage is, it requires very little maintenance.

If you do not have good idea about wood, such as quality of the wood – whether it is costly or ordinary, how old it is or if it is made just right for making furniture, then you may get cheated while buying old or new chairs. As there are lots of poor quality and fake antique chairs in the market. So if you do not have proper experience, you may purchase fake antique chair by paying several times more than the actual price. Thus, you would be much better off by purchasing it from a reputed antique dealer. The price of an antique chair depends not only on the quality of wood used, but also on the story and event behind this chair. If the chair is associated with some historic event then the price of it can be exorbitant.

When you buy these antique chairs, it would be better if you try to discover the incident, story or history related with them. Find out whether these are ice cream shop chairs, and if so,where, when and which ice cream parlor or shop used this furniture or whether any funny incident is associated with them. You may share those incident, funny incident,story and history with your guest.

Bentwood or wooden ice cream chair is a versatile chair, and can be used in different ways in your daily life. Also you may only display this type of chair or set of table and chair. Again ice cream chair is perfect as a gift item.