Advantages Of Using Chair Mats For Plush Carpet

Are you buying new chair mats for plush carpet? A chair mat is an important accessory for chairs with casters. It provides a smooth, hard surface so you can move your chair easily on your plush carpet. It also protects your carpet from wear and hardware from static electricity. Chair mat ensures long lasting service and it looks good too.
There are two reasons why you must use a chair mat.
Chair mat provides protection to your carpet – a chair mat will protect your carpet from wear and tear. Carpet fibers and backing are not designed to handle the pressure generated by casters. Under this downward pressure, unprotected carpet loses fibers and backing breaks down. And the lifespan of the carpet decreases. A chair mat spreads this downward thrust and prevents damage to carpeting. As the cost of carpet is ever-increasing, it will be wise to safeguard your plush carpet with a chair mat.
Chair mat reduces injury and fatigue – chair mat reduces lower back and joint stain as casters move easily across a hard surface. As an office worker moves his or her chair frequently, so a workspace without a chair mat is more susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
Chair mats are widely available in the market and you can find many different thicknesses, sizes, shapes, colors and materials.
Before buying chair mats for plush carpet, know the right thickness and select size, shape, color, and material according to your needs and preferences.
Thickness – you should select the thickest mat for your plush carpet. Chair mats in premium thickness are for use with plush carpet.
Size – chair mats are available in sizes ranging from 36” x 48” up to 72” x 96”. Also mats come in custom cut to your individual needs.
Shape – there are number of shapes like round, oval, ellipse, arc, bulb, square, triangular, rectangular and rectangular with lip that can be used for different purposes. Custom shapes are available as well.
Color – they are available in colors like black, bronze, crystal, stainless, walnut and many more. Also, designer mats and custom color chair mats can be ordered to match your home or office d├ęcor.
Material – most of the chair mats are made from hard plastic materials.
A wide range of plastic compounds are used in the manufacture of chair mats. When selecting chair mats for plush carpet you not only compare prices but also the plastic compound material that is used. If not stated, take it that the cheapest material (PVC) has been used.
Vinyl/PVC Chair Mats
Vinyl/PVC chair mats are the most widely used chair mats. They are transparent, cheap and have scratch-resistance. Durability is moderate. They need to be replaced as they break after a few years. PVC contains phthalate plasticizers that outgas from PVC causing unpleasant odors and health risks, not suitable for people who suffer from allergies. As they have phthalate plasticizers, they are not suitable for underfloor heating or direct sunlight.
Polycarbonate Chair Mats
They are widely distributed chair mats. These chair mats are highly transparent, odorless and have crack, curl, break, scratch, dirt and yellow resistance. They are non toxic, totally recyclable and suitable for underfloor heating. The only disadvantage is that they are expensive than PVC chair mats.
Polypropylene Chair Mats
They are not yet widely sold on the market. They are opaque, odorless and have crack, curl, break, scratch, dirt and yellow resistance. Polypropylene chair mats are free from toxic chemicals, recyclable and suitable for underfloor heating. The greatest advantage is that they are as cheap as PVC chair mats.
Wood Chair Mats
Wood chair mats are excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. They are made from renewable resources. These sturdy wooden chair mats do not break, dimple or crack. They have stains, scratches, burns and wear marks resistant. As they are durable and long lasting, they save money by reducing or eliminating replacement cost. The mats are anti-static too. They can reduce stress and strain due to improper posture. Wood chair mats can be found in different finishes like golden brown, mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak etc.
Bamboo Chair Mats
Bamboo is an extremely renewable resource. Bamboo chair mats are very sturdy and come in a variety of finishes such as natural, cherry and so on. They are eco-friendly. Bamboo mats are durable, scratch resistant and long lasting. So you can save money by reducing or eliminating replacement cost. Kiln-dried mats usually do not crack and warp. This mat protects carpeting from chair tracks and makes your chair easy to roll. As a result it reduces stress and strain. It is easy to clean. Spills can be cleaned very easily and they do not leak through to the carpet.
What to look for when buying chair mats for plush carpet
Bevel the chair mat edges – a beveled-edge chair mat is a must for use on a plush carpet.
Chair mats feature small studs – chair mats for carpet flooring come with a non-skid gripper backing. Small studs (approx. 2mm long) on the reverse side of the mat keep the mat in place without damaging your plush carpet.
How to clean a chair mat
Use a wet cloth soaked in soap and water to clean your mat.
Your home or office should be a place where people would love to come. By buying chair mats for plush carpet you are making an investment into luxury, comfort, function and style.