Round Tablecloths – Useful Informations About Them

Round tablecloths are very useful when you have ice cream parlor tables or ice cream tables or any round tables at your home of different sizes. The quick and easy way to adorn your round tables such as dining tables, side tables, or garden tables is to use round tablecloths.

They come in different sizes, designs and styles. Tablecloths are the foundation of your table setting and they help to create the ambiance for your event.

Advantages of using round tablecloths –

         1. They protect your round tables from every day wear and tear such as heat marks, spills, stains, scratches etc and keep them clean.

         2. They help your tables to last long by protecting them from dirt and dust.

         3. They give old and worn out tables a fresh new look without spending money on new tables.

         4. Easy to remove and easy to place them back when required.

         5. They are easy to clean and require low maintenance.

         6. Good quality tablecloths are durable. So you need not require to replace them frequently, as a result you can save your money.

         7. Generally they are inexpensive.

         8. You can use them for a holiday, a special occasion or everyday by selecting tablecloths that correspond nicely with the occasion. Seasonal tablecloths are also available; they can add a festive appearance to your home.

How to select the right round tablecloths –

         1. There are tablecloths available for small, medium and large size round tables. When shopping, choose the right size for your round table. If [that size is] not available go for a tablecloth that is slightly longer as it is always more visually appealing than one that hangs short. To determine the proper tablecloth size, decide on how far over the edge you want it to hang. To get the correct size take the measurement of the drop and multiply it by two then add it to the diameter of your table.

         2. Tablecloths come in different materials. Some are cotton while some are mixed like cotton and polyester. Outdoor tablecloths are often made from vinyl or cotton with laminated coating for it to become waterproof and spill proof. Generally, indoor tablecloths are not made from vinyl material.

For all types of formal events, including wedding parties, formal dinner parties, corporate parties, and Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving parties, white linen or silk tablecloth brings an unparalleled charm and a lovely touch of luxury to the occasion. If you properly take care of your linen or silk white tablecloth, you can use it for years and even hand it down to your kids. White tablecloths are also available in cotton, crochet, polyester and organza. The white polyester tablecloths are affordable and easily washable. There are a variety of materials you can select from, including paper which can be thrown away after being used and they are cheap. Fabric tablecloths may cost more to purchase, however, in the long run they are less expensive than paper because they can be used for years.

For everyday use, it is better to choose cotton or linen or polyester or polyester cotton mix or a similar durable fabric. Thin, delicate fabrics are less durable, more expensive and need to be replaced more often.

Damask tablecloth can be used every day and during special occasions. It always catches the attention that it deserves.

Select an everyday use tablecloth that has easy-care instructions. Avoid tablecloths that require dry cleaning, as they become expensive over time. Try a polyester or cotton and polyester blend that can be machine washed and requires no ironing.

A vinyl or PVC coated covering is also available but it causes various health problems.

         3. White and black fabrics are probably the two most common colors used at any event. In case of rare color combinations it may be more expensive and give you fewer options.

For everyday use select colors that are dark. As these colors can easily hide food or drink spills, stains, dirt etc. So, you might not require to wash them frequently. As a result the fabrics will last for a long time. Washing damages fabrics and reduces their longevity. In this way you can save both your money and time.

         4. Round tablecloths often hang around the sides. If you want to cover the legs of the table, a long tablecloth will work best for you.

Where to get good quality round tablecloths at reasonable rates –
It depends on why you need them. Either, you need tablecloths for a formal function such as a wedding, holiday dinner party, birthday party, corporate event etc. or for everyday use.

How to get tablecloths in bulk for any events at reasonable rates

         1. You can easily find round tablecloths through the Internet with guaranteed high quality but at a low cost.

         2. Check your local fabric stores to see if any bulk material is on discount. You can make affordable set of tablecloths from this fabric.

         3. Discount Stores could be good places to look for inexpensive tablecloths.

         4. Other excellent places to look for inexpensive tablecloths are garage sales and thrift stores.

         5. Bulk stores or restaurant and wedding supply companies would be other ideal places to look for commercial table coverings. These are generally disposable. These commercial tablecloths are only inexpensive if you use them on a large scale.

         6. For wedding, you may check with your wedding venues coordinator, they may have in-house supplies that you are free to use at no additional charge.

Where to get good quality tablecloths for everyday use at reasonable rates
         1. You may find good quality tablecloths through the Internet at a low cost.

         2. You may also find them at lower rates in off season or during seasonal discount rates.

         3. Some people dispose off their furnishings when leaving a locality. You can get used good quality tablecloth in good condition from such garage sales at throw away prices.

         4. A good time to look for cheap tablecloths is just after a major holiday. Department stores traditionally put their decorative items on clearance sale right after a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and the Fourth of July. This means you can get good quality round tablecloths at low prices during clearance sales throughout the year.

         5. Factory outlets could offer fabric at cheaper rates than the retailer. If you want to save money you can buy such fabric to make your own tablecloths. You can also use old but good curtain cloth, bed sheet, bed cover or even pillow cover. In this way you can bring down the cost of the fabric and it also gives personal satisfaction.

         6. You can buy cheap sheet sets at various dollar stores to make your own simple cloth tablecloths. You may find very cheap sheets at thrift shops or craft stores.

All round tables can get benefits from these foundations of table settings. Classic round tablecloths undoubtedly making it easy to coordinate with any round tabletop or home décor and everything flows with each other.