Facts About Ice Cream Parlor Tables And Their Multipurpose Uses

Ice cream parlor tables or ice cream tables are popularly used among ice cream parlor furniture. Generally it is a round table. It is used and sold both as a single table and also along with ice cream parlor chairs or ice cream chairs like a ice cream parlor table and chairs set.
These beautiful, attractive tables are durable, sturdy, easy to clean, easy to move, almost maintenance free, take a very small space and the price is within the reach of common people.
Both new and old or antique tables are found and all are equally popular.
You can buy antique handmade table or ice cream parlor set. Generally, each set is a unique creation. Antique tables that now exist were made from 1800 to 1950. But the majority of them that are available in the market now were built during the period 1890 to 1950. Tables before 1890 are very rare.
Legs of these tables are of different forms and they have absolutely beautiful shapes such as curved, twisted, scroll-accented, curved with designs, wire legs and designs etc.
Also different kinds of table tops are available like wood tops, among which pine, oak and mahogany tops are very popular. Among metal tops copper, steel, iron, enamel etc. are available. Besides, glass, marble, fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, formica, mosaic are also sold, although porcelain and mosaic table tops are very rare. Veneer top tables were common in the forties.
Table with cast iron, wrought iron, steel and chrome base are generally used.
These tables are of different colors like black, white, gold, bright yellow, brown, blue etc.
Both wood and metal ice cream parlor tables are in use. Some are fully wooden and some are fully metal. Others are mixed like metal base and legs, and wood or glass or fiberglass or acrylic table top. Also some have wooden legs and base and acrylic or glass or fiberglass top.
Oak tables are very common among wood ice cream tables. Besides oak, mahogany and pine are also valuable woods from which ice cream parlor tables are made of.
Commonly used metals from which tables are made are steel, cast iron, wrought iron, aluminum, copper etc.
Child size ice cream table is sold in the market. Small size ice cream chairs along with this small table are also sold as child's size table and chairs. Both child's size ice cream parlor table and kids table and chairs set are very popular. This set is perfect for children. Antique or vintage child size ice cream parlor table is also available.
Also doll size ice cream table chairs set or miniature ice cream parlor set is found. You can display your dolls, teddy bears, potted plants on this set or you can only display it as a beautiful piece of art.

Cleaning and maintenance procedure for ice cream parlor tables
Improper care and maintenance will reduce the longevity of your ice cream parlor furniture.
The most damaging materials are human perspiration and environmental pollutants like
•    unfiltered well or ground water;
•    pods and pollen of many tropical trees and shrubs;
•    exhaust from planes and cars;
•    salt spray in the air.
How to clean and maintain your ice cream tables
Metal Table -
•    Do not use a pressure washer on furniture unless you are a professional.
•    Cleaning and waxing your furniture frames. Clean it with a solution of mild detergent or soap and water. Use a brush with a long handle on it. Rinse with clean water to remove soap or detergent and allow to air dry. Wax the legs and exposed metal to protect against UV rays.
•    Do not use bleach or solvents as this will cause damage to metal finishes.
•    Do not throw it in the swimming pool, as pool chlorine will severely damage the finish and will cause corrosion of the metal.
•    To avoid stormy weather store it indoors.
•    Use furniture covers when not in use.
•    Clean glass with a good quality, streak-free glass cleaner.
Cleaning Wood Table -
Select products made for cleaning wood, rather than multi-purpose products, for the best results. Make sure that the products you choose are alcohol-free to protect the finish.
•    If your table is really dirty, mix up a bucket of gentle wood soap and water. Scrub down the top of the table with a soft nylon brush. Next rinse with clean water.
•    If the table just has a little bit of dust on it, clean it off with a static cloth. This cloth attracts dust to it leaving a clean surface without any chemical residues.        
Where to use ice cream parlor tables?
Where not to use? Everywhere. They are suitable for either formal or informal décor, commercial or residential use, work for indoor or outdoor use. They can be used for resorts, hotels, motels, outdoor bar or restaurant locations. These round tables are ideal for patio, pool or porch area. Great for a kitchen, dining area, living room, foyer or even kids room – in a word every part of your home.
Different uses of ice cream parlor table
Eat your breakfast or dinner with your family or friends on it. Enjoy reading news paper, magazine or book; or just some great conversation with a snack and coffee with friends or play chess or cards on it.
You can use them in your kitchen instead of round kitchen tables or kitchen table sets. Prepare vegetables, cut fruits or make juices on it.
Use them as dining table sets or dining room sets or dinner table and chairs.
Add a touch of sophisticated charm to your backyard, poolside or patio with this table and chairs along with an umbrella.
This versatile piece can be used instead of bistro table or bistro set, bar table, breakfast table, dining table, casual/kitchen dining table and patio table.
Antique ice cream parlor table will be a perfect addition to your modern contemporary furniture.
These ice cream parlor tables or Ice Cream Bar Tableice cream table allow them to mix and blend with any décor from vintage to contemporary. I believe you can find more interesting and new ways to use it than me.