Dining Chair Slip Covers Will Give A New Look To Your Chair

Dining chair slip covers give your dining space a much needed face-lift. Slip covers enables you to dress up your dining room area in an easy, effective and inexpensively stylish way. Not only are they pleasing, but functional as well. They will make your dining experience much more enjoyable. If you are using ice cream parlor chairs or ice cream chairs as dining chairs, these slipcovers will give them a beautiful new look.
Advantages of using dining chair slip covers
   1.They protect furniture upholstery from regular wear and tear.
   2.They will help your new dining chairs to last long and protect them from wear and tear to some extent.
   3.They are perfect for giving old and worn out chairs a new look and you need not require to change them.
   4.Another usefulness of slip covers is that if you move house and find that the upholstery is not in line with the interior décor then you need not require to replace or reupholster the dining chairs. You just need to use new slip covers to combine with the decoration of the new place.
   5.One of the advantages of using them is that if you have mismatched chairs collected from various sources you can easily give them a uniform look by using slip covers.
   6.They can safeguard your dining chairs from spills, crayons, pens, food, gum and just about anything you can think of. When you have kids and pets, accidents do happen. Any spills and stains won't go through to the original upholstery. So they can keep your chair clean and mess-free.
   7.Easy to remove and easy to place them back when required.
   8.They are easy to clean and require low maintenance.
   9.Good slip covers are durable and last for a long time. So you can save money by reducing replacement cost.
   10.They are ideal for any kind of home décor and all seasons. They are perfect for any special occasion. It is also easy to buy a few sets for the same set of dining chairs for regular use and special use or when cleaning. If your family is into altering the feeling and ambience of your house on a frequent basis, you can buy a few sets of slip covers with different colors and designs to match your themes. You can even look at getting festive seasons' colors and styles to match the different festivals.
   11.And the greatest advantage of using them is they are not expensive.
How to select the right dining chair slip covers
   1.Measure your dining chairs and make sure to get proper measurements of the length and width of both the chair seat and the seat back. In addition, measure the space between the outer spindles on the chair back if you buy tie-on slip covers. You can get both custom fit and ready made slip covers according to your need and preferences. Make sure that the custom fit slip covers are perfectly fitted.
   2.Before selecting fabrics look at the environment in which your furniture will be placed. Is it highly used? Are there children and pets? Will the slip covers require wash too frequently? If any one of the above questions answer is yes, select fabric that is durable, stain-resistant, tightly woven and easily cared for. Always use fabric that is easy to wash and maintain. Cotton, twills, denim, linen, micro-fiber, canvas are the few names that can be used as fabrics. You must know that all fabrics are not good for slip covers. Stiff fabrics must not be used for slip covers. It must be able to drape over the curves of the furniture.
   3.There are a wide range of different solid colors, patterns and prints to choose from. As they are dining chair slip covers it is advisable to select colors that are dark and bright. Because these colors can easily hide food or drink spills, stains, dirt etc. So, you might not require to wash them frequently. As a result the fabrics will last for a long time. Washing damages fabrics and reduces their longevity. In this way you can save both your money and time.
   4.There are many varieties of slip covers. The long skirt dining chair slip covers drape over the chair's legs and give dull chairs a classy look. Though these longer slip covers are great for any occasion to entertain guests, short dining chair slipcovers are more suitable for every day use and look much neater. These shorter slip covers are inexpensive and you may consider them if your chair has legs that you want to show off. Conversely, if they are rather unattractive, hide them with a skirted slipcover.
   5.You may use them with zippers and buttons as they are easy to change.
How to get good quality dining chair slip covers at reasonable rates
   1.You can easily find slip covers through the Internet and catalogs with the guaranteed high quality but at a low cost.
   2.You may find them at lower rates in off season or during seasonal discount rates.
   3.Some people dispose off their furnishings when leaving a locality. You can get used slip covers in good condition from such garage sales at throw away prices. You can also get good quality slip covers at low prices during clearance sales.
   4.Factory outlets could offer fabric at cheaper rates than the retailer. If you want to save money you can buy such fabric and sew this fabric to make your own slip covers. You can also use old but good curtain cloth, bed sheet etc. In this way you can bring down the cost of the fabric and the stitching charges too and it also gives personal satisfaction.
How to clean and handle it with care
   1. Check the tag for the washing directions. You should follow those directions to keep slip covers in good condition.
   2. After removing them from the furniture, shake them off to remove dust and other foreign materials before putting them in the washing machine.
   3. Wash dining chair slip covers with detergent. Use cold water to avoid the discoloration of the fabric. Immediately transfer them to the drier after washing.
   4. Iron them if it is advisable.
   5. Place the slip covers back on your dining chairs and make sure that all the corners are fit. And flat out crinkles.
They will help you to dress up your dining chairs with a new look. Dining chair slip covers can change the entire design of your dining room. You don’t have to buy a new and costly dining set for your home, just add these covers and give it a stylish look.

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