Chair Glides For Wood Floors Help Your Floor To Last Longer

Using chair glides for wood floors will protect your well-designed wood floors from scratches by your chairs and other furniture. Scratches permanently damage hard wood floors and cost a lot of money, may be hundred or even thousand of dollars to repair. You can avoid the huge repair cost by just using chair glides.
Though ice cream parlor chairs are lightweight, yet some scratches will occur on your floors while you are moving these ice cream chairs from place to place.There are other hazards also that chair glides avoid and one of the advantages that they bring in is they are cheap.
The advantages of using chair glides for wood floors are -
               • Your wood floors will be protected from getting fresh scratches and the lifetime of the floor also increases. The glides maximizes the contact of your chair with the floor surface. The benefit is twofold. You shall not hear the screeching sound when you drag the chair and also the glides will minimize the scratches.
               • Good chair glides will make it easier for you to move the chair around as they almost reduce the  friction of the surface to surface action.
               • The better chair glides are self-leveling. In case your floor or chair legs are not of an even height then the glides will make the overall arrangement evenly balanced. The height balancing ability provides stability to the chair. As a result of that you no longer have the wobble when you sit on the chair. Also, a well balanced chair with an equal weight distribution through all legs will last longer.
               • The best chair glides are waterproof. They provide one extra layer of protection for the chair so that it will last longer.
Chair glides come in various different sizes, colors and materials. It is very easy to place them on all of your furniture and they are not even noticeable. They can be made out of metal, plastic, rubber, nylon, felt and glass.
The most common and popular one to choose is plastic as it is a lot softer than the wood floor and can easily reduce cracks and scuff marks. Plastic chair glides are also good for carpet.
Metal chair glides are ideal for metal chair and stool legs. They protect floors from scratches.
Nylon chair glides are long lasting, easy to install and easy sliding. They protect all types of floor. You can also get freedom from rust and corrosion.
Felt chair glides are great for chairs and stools. They wont scratch the floor and are ideal for wood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet.
There are also combined glides available today with a PVC base and a felt cover. They protect any type of flooring.
Chair glides for wood floors will never wear out or fall off while using them. Thus for a very low price you can get a glide that can help your chair to last for a long, long time.

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